Would you like a cheap 8K resolution OLED television?

In the days when FHD TVs become standard in our homes and the prices of 4K-resolution TVs gradually decrease, studies for 8K televisions are going on. Yes, 8K. “What can we do for ourselves?” Do not think, probably 2-3 years later, 8K televisions will become common.

Changhong, a Chinese technology company, took the new television show at IFA 16 in Berlin. The TV comes with an OLED display with 7,680 x 4,320 resolution, High Dynamic Range + (HDR) and Dolby Digital Plus. And yes, this is an intelligent television with Android.

What about the price? Actually, the price is considered cheap …
Changhong set the value of this television at $ 55,000. When we calculate it as Turkish lira, it is about 163 thousand TL.

We feel like you are saying “very expensive”, we can actually say that this product is “cheap”.

In our previous news, we talked about Sharp and LG’s 8K TVs and talked about the $ 133,000 price tag. Those models …

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