TV channel NHK Start Broadcasting in Japan

TV channel NHK, which broadcasts in Japan, received the world’s first continuously televised broadcasting title of 8K.

The Super Hi-Vision test channel is available on Sunday, with both 4K and 8K content available. That’s about 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution. Broadcast 4 times better than 4K Full HD 1080p 16 times sharper. There is also 2.22 channel audio support.

Various Content Available

Today the channel will be the concert of Japan’s pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. It will also be featured in Olympic Games in London in 2012. Especially including the breathtaking opening ceremony. In addition, the Japanese orchestral ensemble Seiji Ozawa’s Beethoven concert will be released. However, since there is no receiver at home who supports this resolution, NHK will broadcast it from screens that it has installed in various places.

If you have not even got 4K-resolution TV yet, this livelihood will not break your morale because NHK likes experimental broadcasts. Earlier in the 80’s …

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