The world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display

Have you seen the world’s largest screen?

Have you seen the world's largest screen?

Mitsubishi Electric, the world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display, was presented to the audience in Los Angeles in 1980 and entered the Guinness Book of Records with the world’s longest videowall display in 2010. Preparing to install HD LED screen.

SOGO Hong Kong Co. to establish a large Diamond Vision display on the exterior of Hong Kong’s biggest shopping center, SOGO Hong Kong. Ltd. , Mitsubishi Electric plans to install the screen on February 1, China National Day. The screen , which will be larger than five tennis courts with 19 meters to 72 meters , stands out with its six vertical images in Full HD (G 1,080 pixels x Y 1,920 pixels).


Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision screen was chosen for its high-contrast and wide-angle viewing capability both vertically and horizontally. This display, which has 50 percent more contrast than the conventional displays currently used by the company, can be easily monitored on the side and in the sunlight. On the Diamond Vision display, which will provide a viewing angle of 80 degrees with a vertical angle compared to standard 45 degree displays, special LED chips with proprietary black packages will be used to reduce brightness when Mitsubishi Electric is turned off and to increase the contrast when turned on. In addition, thanks to the short shades, sunlight will be minimized when the light hits the screen.


SOGO Hong Kong, located in Causeway Bay, one of the most vibrant centers in Hong Kong, has been known as an important retail point of the city since 1985. Shinji Sawada, Store Manager of SOGO Hong Kong, owned by Lifestyle International Holdings Limited, made the following statements on the subject: . This LED display will not only strengthen the position of our shopping center, but will also help Causeway Bay to become a major shopping and entertainment destination in Hong Kong. Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision screens are considered to be one of the best displays in the world.

Mitsubishi Electric has now installed Diamond Vision screens in over 950 locations worldwide, including the Tokyo Dome, New York’s 1535 Broadway in Times Square, and the NRG Stadium in Houston. 

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