The revolution in technology:8K TV

New innovations and developments continue to be experienced in every technology field. The new agenda is 8K TV in the world of avalanche-growing technology. The next technological step, the 8K, VR, is very close to the titles and TV, while we are just getting used to the new 4K and even arguing whether such a deterrent is necessary. What’s going to change in the latest technology 8K, televisions.

The 8K, 768×4320 pixel resolution, which will present the highest resolution and image quality we have seen so far on TV, is a total of 33.177.600 pixels. A TV with a 65-inch screen allows me to see these pixels, but most of the 8K-featured TVs have much larger screens.

The name of 8K, a technological revolution, stems from the fact that it is 8,000 pixels wide. But the definition of 8K also includes the term Ultra HD (UHD). So it could be those who also use the term UHD 8K.

8K, 7680×4320 pixels, or 4320p. TVs with an 8K screen display a 33-megapixel image because they have a total of 33 million pixels.

8K TVs are currently only sold in Japan. The 85-inch LV-85001 TV from the Sharp is available for sale at $ 130,000. Dell has reported that the UP3218K, a 31.5-inch monitor with 8K, will be sold for $ 4.999 in March 2017.

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