The first 8K camera with organic image sensor from Panasonic

Panasonic introduced the first 8K camera, which incorporates the organic image sensor. The camera, known as the Panasonic AK-SHB810 , supports 8K resolution at 60 frames per second. The camera comes in the form of a ‘head unit’ connected to an offboard processing unit via a fiber optic cable. The 8K camera, developed by Panasonic, will be used in the Summer Olympics, which will begin in Tokyo on July 24, 2020. In a conventional CMOS sensor, the silicon acts as a light sensitive environment, charge storage and read circuit.

The sensor design allows changing the sensitivity of the capture medium to give a continuously variable virtual ‘ND Filter’ effect. The company also promises to capture a large dynamic range, does not share information about it. The camera with an organic sensor is expected to deliver spectacular picture performance with 8K support. Let us say that the camera will be available for sale at a high price, even though the price has not been announced.

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