Sony announces New Huge 8k at CES2017

The huge size, 8K resolution television developed by Sony with new technologies was displayed at CES 2017.

The following photo shows a gigantic LED display from Sony, which is displayed at CES 2017, and this LED display is made up of hundreds of LED upholstery. Each tile is 17, 875 inches in size and all the upholstery are sewn together. The display is approximately 11 meters wide and 2.7 meters high. The resolution is 8K x 2K.Sonyses RGB-emitting display technology to bring this screen to the spot. Screen; Almost microscopic LEDs that emit red, green, or blue light. Because these LEDs are very small, theoretically they give an extraordinary control over color reproduction. Sony claims that the upholstery used on the screen presents a color intensity beyond what is unusual and that the projector in a movie theater offers.

A Sony representative said in a statement to Gizmodo about the subject “Quickly R …

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