Sony announced the new generation CineAlta camera

Familiar with how this experience can be interesting, those who shoot full-frame video with DSLRs, digital lens interchangeable machines.

Thanks to their wide range of sensors, the DSLR category of devices can be more attractive due to their performance in dimly lit environments or close to perfect in light.

However, professional users have to keep up with 35mm or less. Even in the top segment 8K camera, this does not change.

Japan-based Sony seems to be willing to reverse this situation. The new CineAlta camera with 36X24mm size sensor is planning to overcome the problem because CineAlta will get the title of the device which is the only full frame sensor among high-end cinema cameras.

What is the price of SONY CAMERA?

Sony has not yet released all the features of the camera, but expects some features as well as image quality. For example, a camera with no name yet can record 4: 3, 17: 9 and raw 4K images at other ratios. This is called the “independent frame rate”.

The camera expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2018 is likely to be more expensive than other top quality cameras. It will not be a surprise that the Japanese manufacturer, who placed the $ 65,000 tag for the F65 product, set a much higher price for CineAlta. Very high for personal use, but a price that professional movie studios can take away.

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