Sharp Works on a 120 Hz Video-AIO Computer in 8K

Under an agreement with Toshiba, Sharp has launched a high-quality display for the new AIO (All-in-one, all-in-one) computer.

No name was specified for the new computer, but recently announced that the name of the computer would be Dynabook. The new Dynabook features an 8K IGZO panel with a 31.5-inch display and an AIO display with a brightness value of 800 nits. The refresh rate of the screen is 120Hz, which means it is really fast detail.

The display can run 8K or 4K videos at 120 Hz with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4. But even if there are four Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti on your computer, it’s not enough to play a game at 8K / 120 FPS.

According to rumors, the new Dynabook is a computer designed to increase work efficiency. The computer focuses more on video and graphics quality. In addition, Dynabook’s extra-strong Nvidia Quadro graphics operations are among the expectations.

In addition, the Dynabook model is said to be able to upgrade the graphics card and memory. This is hard to do on AIO computers.

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