Sharp Reported to Develop 8K Digital Broadcasting System With ASTRODESIGN

Sharp, the Foxconn-controlled company, is possibly to partner with ASTRODESIGN, a Japanese video and signal processing tech company, to jointly develop video processing systems able to support displays with 8K ultra-high definition, as Nikkei Asian Review carried in its report on 26 June.  With Sharp’s strengths in the development of sensor technology for LCD screens and cameras, and ASTRODESIGN’s capability to upgrade digital broadcasting, the system can be used in cameras, displays and other image processing devices.

(Image: Sharp)

While Sony and Panasonic announced to start selling OLED TV panels, Sharp focused on 8K TV as one of its cash cows and attempted to differentiate from its contenders by expanding its 8K product line. Sharp has rolled out 8K screens for electronic billboard displays as of late and it anticipated to sell 8K TVs in 2018.

In its mid-term operational planning (2017-2019) declared on 26th May, Sharp made public its next moves: 1) to create demand for 8K displays, 2) to launch new OLED/FFD displays, 3) to expand its overseas TV business, 4) to strengthen the 8K supply chain and the development of IoT, automotive electronic components and camera modules, and 5) to expand its client base. Sharp accordingly set a target to generate an estimate revenue of JPY 3.25 trillion (USD 28.87 billion) and an operating profit of JPY 150 billion (USD 1.33 billion) in fiscal 2019.

Sharp was considering to build in the States not only a plant to manufacture small sized displays but one for large sized LCD displays for TVs. In particular, it will introduce the most advanced 10.5th generation technology to the large LCD display manufacturing base to produce over 65-inch LCD displays for TVs as well as ones for 8K TVs to be available in 2018.

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