Sharp introduces Aquos 8K TV, a new 70-inch 8K TV

While FHD televisions are becoming more popular every day, the 4K TV fan is expanding. The features offered and the prices are of course very important for many users. Some companies have even begun to add an 8K option to their FHD and 4K options.

Sharp introduces Aquos 8K TV, a new 70-inch 8K TV. The television offers 7680×4320 resolution and offers 16 times more resolution than FHD televisions. The Sharp company says this TV can offer “ultra realistic details”.

Obviously, there are some troubles in terms of content. If we take into account that even the 4K content is getting bigger, we can say that 8K content is more time to spread.

Sharp plans to sell this TV model at the end of the year in China and Japan. It will come to Europe as of March next year. By the way, the company has not yet officially announced a price, but it is estimated that it will cost around 9 thousand dollars …

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