Samsung’s first 85-inch 8K TV

Samsung’s first 85-inch 8K TV

The Samsung Q900 is a pre-order with an incredible price of around £ 90,000. The official sales of the device will start on October 28th.

South Korean technology giant Samsung, the 8-inch 8-inch television screen size of the Samsung Q900 was opened for pre-order. The Samsung Q900 pre-order price, which will be on sale on October 28, is exactly 15 thousand dollars. So the price of this 90 special lar television is about 90 thousand TL, excluding taxes, transportation and other charges.

We must admit that the Samsung Q900 is not the most expensive television we have seen. When the 4K TVs first went on sale, there were models with much more astronomical prices. But the question is not ’Does this television deserve this money?‘, But Do you really need to buy this TV? Today, there are 8K content that is extremely limited.


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You’ll get $ 15,000 and you won’t find enough 8K content to satisfy you on the TV. So getting this device is too unnecessary for the time being. Of course, 8K content will expand one day and you will be able to find content that you can watch on your television. But on that day, 8K TVs will become widespread and prices will be more logical. Still, the decision is yours.

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