Samsung: New 8K TV Chips to Eliminate Frames

Samsung’s new 8K TV Chips Will Unlock Frameless Televisions!Samsung Delivers Impressive Image Quality and Exquisite Designs on 8K TVs with Advanced Display Driver IC. The new TV chips are fast enough to make 8K TVs mainstream, pointing to the beginning of a different revolution.A simple TV chip, 8K TV can bring into the mainstream TV models, even TVs ,samsung also become more wonderful devices, real-8K images 8K display panel with sufficient bandwidth will be passed (4 Gbps) display driver with the IC chip was introduced.The DDI (S6CT93P), Samsung’s new DDI (S6CT93P), uses the company’s United Standard Interface for TV (USI-T) 2.0, which doubles the 2Gbps in-panel speed of the previous USI-T 1.0.It can also significantly eliminate those frames where TV tracks are stored.8K TVs have four times the bandwidth of 4K, which is already representing a large data connection speed. Even though the technology is a bit distressed (due to the high wages), many manufacturers, especially Sony, have already announced the 8K models. Especially Japanese producers are willing to prepare for the 820 TV broadcast at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics .A frameless display In your home you can offer an 8K Resolution window image. Images on TVs can be viewed with clarity. Of course, we may have to wait a little longer to see that the internet and broadcast rates are going up.

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