Samsung announced 8K display driver

Samsung, 8K successful performance in the field of display drivers, announced the new driver for panels. It also began to license the standard Unified Standard Interface for TV (USI-T) 2.0. Many of us have not yet met with 4K resolution at home or at work. The manufacturer is already making preparations for 8K screens , although it is slowly becoming more common. Samsung announced the display driver for its 8K displays. High data transfer rates The newly introduced screen driver circuit was developed to deliver true 8K resolutions in thin television designs. The circuit board complies with the Unified Standard Interface for TV (USI-T) 2.0 standard, which is prepared by the company to achieve the best quality. See AlsoThe world’s first RGB illuminated external storage unit is on sale The company’s previous USI-T 1.0 standard in-panel data transfer rates were 2Gbps. In the USI-T 2.0 standard, this figure is 4Gbps. It is aimed to transfer 8K images fluently with 2 times more data transfer rates. It also does not require extra components for system performance. The circuit board with model number S6CT93P is mostly designed for screens up to 65 inches. In this way, 65K and 8K TVs are planned to become more mainstream. Samsung has started sampling 8K panel circuits. On the other hand, the smart equalizer was introduced with an update to the USI-T 2.0 standard. This feature provides a two-way communication between TCON and third-party panel drivers. Thus, each drive is calibrated separately. Samsung began licensing this standard.

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