Samsung's first 85-inch 8K TV

Samsung’s first 85-inch 8K TV

Samsung’s first 85-inch 8K TV

The Samsung Q900 is a pre-order with an incredible price of around £ 90,000. The official sales of the device will start on October 28th.

South Korean technology giant Samsung, the 8-inch 8-inch television screen size of the Samsung Q900 was opened for pre-order. The Samsung Q900 pre-order price, which will be on sale on October 28, is exactly 15 thousand dollars. So the price of this 90 special lar television is about 90 thousand TL, excluding taxes, transportation and other charges.

We must admit that the Samsung Q900 is not the most expensive television we have seen. When the 4K TVs first went on sale, there were models with much more astronomical prices. But the question is not ’Does this television deserve this money?‘, But Do you really need to buy this TV? Today, there are 8K content that is extremely limited.


World’s First 8K Satellite Broadcasting Will Be Started in December 2018

You’ll get $ 15,000 and you won’t find enough 8K content to satisfy you on the TV. So getting this device is too unnecessary for the time being. Of course, 8K content will expand one day and you will be able to find content that you can watch on your television. But on that day, 8K TVs will become widespread and prices will be more logical. Still, the decision is yours.

The world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display

The world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display

Have you seen the world’s largest screen?

Have you seen the world's largest screen?

Mitsubishi Electric, the world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display, was presented to the audience in Los Angeles in 1980 and entered the Guinness Book of Records with the world’s longest videowall display in 2010. Preparing to install HD LED screen.

SOGO Hong Kong Co. to establish a large Diamond Vision display on the exterior of Hong Kong’s biggest shopping center, SOGO Hong Kong. Ltd. , Mitsubishi Electric plans to install the screen on February 1, China National Day. The screen , which will be larger than five tennis courts with 19 meters to 72 meters , stands out with its six vertical images in Full HD (G 1,080 pixels x Y 1,920 pixels).


Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision screen was chosen for its high-contrast and wide-angle viewing capability both vertically and horizontally. This display, which has 50 percent more contrast than the conventional displays currently used by the company, can be easily monitored on the side and in the sunlight. On the Diamond Vision display, which will provide a viewing angle of 80 degrees with a vertical angle compared to standard 45 degree displays, special LED chips with proprietary black packages will be used to reduce brightness when Mitsubishi Electric is turned off and to increase the contrast when turned on. In addition, thanks to the short shades, sunlight will be minimized when the light hits the screen.


SOGO Hong Kong, located in Causeway Bay, one of the most vibrant centers in Hong Kong, has been known as an important retail point of the city since 1985. Shinji Sawada, Store Manager of SOGO Hong Kong, owned by Lifestyle International Holdings Limited, made the following statements on the subject: . This LED display will not only strengthen the position of our shopping center, but will also help Causeway Bay to become a major shopping and entertainment destination in Hong Kong. Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision screens are considered to be one of the best displays in the world.

Mitsubishi Electric has now installed Diamond Vision screens in over 950 locations worldwide, including the Tokyo Dome, New York’s 1535 Broadway in Times Square, and the NRG Stadium in Houston. 

Samsung increased HD quality 16X with 8K

Samsung increased HD quality 16X with 8K

Samsung increased HD quality 16X with 8K

The 8K-resolution QLED televisions, which provide 16 times the picture quality of HD by Samsung based in South Korea, were noticed at the IFA 2018 fair held in Berlin.

Samsung Electronics Turkey Home Entertainment Systems Marketing Manager Erkan Yildirim, he said the real image until importance of the quality of life in television today. Describing Samsung’s image quality with 8K QLED technology, Yıldırım stated that the most important technological development in TV this year is 8K.

Yıldırım stated that the new technology attracted a lot of attention in IFA 2018. “With 8K technology, we can reach 16 times higher image quality than HD. For example, in a soccer game, we can see the player’s face expressions up to their finest details. With artificial intelligence software in ZTelevision, images can be upgraded to 8K resolution without the need for a source of 8K resolution. “

Yıldırım stated that the expectations of the consumers not only about the quality of the picture but also about the ease of design and ease of use, Yıldırım stated that the new televisions provided all the connections with one cable and removed the image pollution in the house. Lightning, of households in Turkey is still the primary source of entertainment television stating that, in the countries of the research day on average between 4 to 6 hours of television revealed that followed, he said.

the wall behind the television in standby mode color and equipped with new technologies that states could copy the pattern projected on the screen by lightning, in Turkey and that it also completed the design house said he saw great interest from women.

Artificial intelligence and the internet are drifting in the objects 

Samsung Electonics Turkey Appliances Tolu Marketing Manager Mustafa Aslan is most affected by the technological development of the white goods category, said artificial intelligence and said he objects to a different point in the industry with the Internet. Tolunay stated that Samsung is doing great R & D investments in this regard. we can connect the indispensable parts of everyday life from automobiles to refrigerators by providing a single application, a single cloud system, and an open-link platform, giving us the flexibility to integrate the various systems together. ” 

“There is a technology that can show you who is at the door when you can order your place in this fridge and at the same time you steal the door bell,” Tolunay explains. You can continue watching from the kitchen TV when you pass the kitchen in the living room while watching TV. Since intelligent systems are interconnected, it is possible to control all appliances, security and energy systems from a single device “. 

Turkey’s smart home market will rise to $ 1 billion 

Tolu, energy systems, ranging from entertainment systems of Turkey’s smart home market, explaining that currently 200 million dollars, “Currently 400 thousand home use smart systems. 2022’y far this market is about $ 1 billion to get out and the number of households having smart home 2.7 The most important benefits of the smart house are that people are able to save time, facilitate life, increase productivity and integrate ability while the biggest concern is security of personal data and technology dependency “.


Samsung has officially introduce 8K TV

Samsung has officially introduce 8K TV

Samsung 8K TV

has officially announced its 8K television, which uses technology of the future. According to a statement made by Samsung, in September, four different 8K QLED TV models will be introduced to the market. Smart TVs with dimensions of 65, 75, 82 and 85 inches stand out in the foreground with true 8K support.


The true 8K Resolution feature can produce 4000 nits brightness. Based on HDR10 + technology, Q HDR 8K offers more realistic, vivid and full-color content that the producer intends to show to the user.
The Samsung 8K QLED TV series, which can be easily converted to 8K image quality thanks to the software included in low-resolution videos and broadcasts, is already admiring itself.
There is no information yet on the date and price of the new TV.

8K technology will be manufactured in Turkey!

Turkish home electronics company Sunny established with domestic capital participates in global market competition with 8K UHD products developed at R & D center in Esenyurt. Sunny Chairman of the Board of Directors Adem Atmaca, consumer electronics sector and their brands answered questions about.

Atmaca reminded that his father Hayrettin Atmaca came from abroad to install the Walkman at home and reminded him that he entered the electronics sector and said “My family first entered the commercial life as an AEG dealer in Ağrı.” Then, my father started the Walkman from the Far East at the beginning of the 1990’s by bringing a calculator, a process that began with their installation. home family table cloths were doing pillowcase assembly in those days. If the point we have arrived in Turkey home electronics we are the biggest exporter 3 manufacturer. “ she said.

Atmaca said that the Sunny brand invested in the business and moved from Walkman installation to music set installation, and that the company started to produce domestic electronic cards in 2002 years.

Atmaca noted:

“We came in 2005. Currently we are Esenyurt our factory. Here we come to the television now produces 100 native percent cases. Adapting to the world competition in the process, and in order to increase the strength of our brand was serious R & D of our investment. We are in 2017 at the end of Turkey’s 797’nc R & D We now have a R & D center in our own mind and now we are bringing the latest technological idea step by step with our local engineers in the stage of product in the shelf .. I hope we will meet our 8Ktelevisions with consumers in a very short time .

When we look at the first 30-year period at a store selling television today 8K TVs with local engineers we have come to produce the domestic situation in Turkey. “

The imaging technologies have started up with full high definition (HD) resolutions up to 4K technology, reminding us that OLED displays are being marketed in this process.

8K UHD Media Player, 8K UHD Video Wall and 8K UHD TV products to commercial and retail customers are ready to offer Atmaca, said:

“8K most lifelike picture with UAI. With this new technology, we aim to better image to our customers watch. This technology 33 million pixels with 4K technology 4 times the resolution. Almost offers pikselsiz image quality. Sunny 8K UHD new product family, which has 7680×4320 pixel resolution at 65 “and above, with high dynamic range (HDR), 10-bit color depth and 60 frames per second, the viewer will achieve a level of performance that they can not achieve with current display technologies, For those wishing to experience the 22.2-channel audio technology, the viewer will take the experience of the experience a step closer to reality.

These products will come out with a slim and compact design, user-friendly software interface developed by Turkish engineers as well as a realistic image that you can not distinguish even in close-up views. NHK, a Japanese state television channel, is preparing to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with 8K technology, which is a sign that you have not had much time for this technology to enter our homes. For this reason, 100 percent domestic production Sunny 8K UHD television launch is expected by technology enthusiasts.

Breathtaking video in 8K resolution that takes in the spectacular storm: Breathe

Big storms are at the beginning of impressive nature events. You know, it can be very dangerous to see this visual feast of nature showing its power. Fortunately, however, there are video producers like Mike Olbinski, and my anticipation is “Breathe”.

Mike Olbinski, an expert on visualization of major natural phenomena such as the storm, is on the video this time with the name Breathe. The video, based on this song, is based on the Time-Lapse technique, which takes its name and inspiration from Ex Machina’s Breathe song. Olbinski, who created Canon’s 5DSR DSLR camera with photos, has used many different lenses. The production using the Adobe “Lightroom After Effects and Premiere Pro” programs is preferred, and the song is preferred to the black and white mode. Olbinski, who succeeded in establishing a very dramatic environment on this number, says that the original resolution of the video is 8K. The Canon 5DSR is a “50 Megapixel” resolution, so the storm fighter, who can double the 4K, seems to have produced a futuristic content. Mike Olbinski’s other impressive videos are included here and can be purchased as Blu-Ray discs.

Apple VR Glasses Can Come in 8K Resolution

According to the claim, 2 displays of 7,680 × 4,320 pixels will be used in T288. HTC’s current virtual reality goggle Vive Pro has a resolution of 1,440 × 1,600 pixels in each image.

Among the allegations that the T288 will provide is a short-range wireless connection. It’s a curiosity how to use such a connection technology to transmit such high resolution images. Estimates suggest that the link will be available via one of the 60 GHz WiGig 2.0 or 802.11ay standards.

It is not known how the 8K screens will have a refresh rate. The screens in the HTC Vive Pro have a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Google is working on screens with high resolution and 120 Hz refresh capability.

It is also said that Apple may include a processor that will be manufactured on the T288 at a scale of 5 nanometers. It is estimated that the output of the T288 to the market may hang after 2020.

It is possible to record 8K video in deep water with Hydrus VR camera

It is possible to record 8K video in deep water with Hydrus VR camera

8K means 7680×4320 pixels. So in total 33,137,600 pixels! This means we will get impressive images. Underwater imaging can be a more interesting area with the development of cameras. Hydrus VR (Virtual Reality) cameras from Marine Imaging Technologies (MITech) use new ultra-precise Sony sensors and work well in dark areas. In this way, you can get high-quality videos of fishes that live in the sea caves and are difficult to view. It can also contribute to areas such as underwater archeology.

The product is actually a system of ten cameras. The cameras offering new possibilities for those who want to take documentaries up to 300 meters below the surface of the water have a pile capable of shooting for two hours without interruption. However, with an underwater control device, shooting time can be extended to eight hours. Designed to be simple and intuitive, the SLR Magic E-Mount lenses are used. It can also be attached to various robotic vehicles and work without a human.

The world’s first quad 4K multi-sensor camera

The world’s first quad 4K multi-sensor camera

Panasonic introduces the world’s first 4K 4K camera, developed for security applications and offering 33 MP images.

Panasonic Business introduced the world’s first 4K 4K security camera, offering 33 MP video resolution. The i-Pro Extreme multi-sensor camera features four lenses, each with 4K resolution and repositionable. In this way, the cameras can record sharp and clear images of fast-moving vehicles.

It also features Intelligent Auto and Clean Visibility Coatings that offer Full HD at 30 fps and 4K (3840×2160) at 15 fps. Thus, even under the toughest conditions such as city surveillance and traffic applications, they can capture images at high quality.

The i-PRO Extreme Multi-Sensor camera fan delivers exceptional image performance while reducing network requirements to a minimum with H.265 compression, intelligent encoding and self-learning ROI technology.

Sony announced the new generation CineAlta camera

Sony announced the new generation CineAlta camera

Familiar with how this experience can be interesting, those who shoot full-frame video with DSLRs, digital lens interchangeable machines.

Thanks to their wide range of sensors, the DSLR category of devices can be more attractive due to their performance in dimly lit environments or close to perfect in light.

However, professional users have to keep up with 35mm or less. Even in the top segment 8K camera, this does not change.

Japan-based Sony seems to be willing to reverse this situation. The new CineAlta camera with 36X24mm size sensor is planning to overcome the problem because CineAlta will get the title of the device which is the only full frame sensor among high-end cinema cameras.

What is the price of SONY CAMERA?

Sony has not yet released all the features of the camera, but expects some features as well as image quality. For example, a camera with no name yet can record 4: 3, 17: 9 and raw 4K images at other ratios. This is called the “independent frame rate”.

The camera expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2018 is likely to be more expensive than other top quality cameras. It will not be a surprise that the Japanese manufacturer, who placed the $ 65,000 tag for the F65 product, set a much higher price for CineAlta. Very high for personal use, but a price that professional movie studios can take away.