NASA released 8K space video

NASA released 8K space video, How the astronauts work in the space station and what they did is more clearly shown than ever before.

NASA shared 8K space video on Youtube!
NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) worked together to prepare a video. However, this video is very different from the ones prepared so far. 8K ultra-high-resolution video, the kind of people who leave their mouth open.

The RED brand, known for its professional motion picture cameras , uses the Helium 8K camera to show how astronauts work in the space station. High-end technologies, close-up images of the samples and images of Earth and space are also included in the video.

The Delta II rocket took off for the last time!
The Delta II rocket took off for the last time!
The Delta II rocket took off to destroy the last mission! NASA, who thinks that this old rocket is still in business, sent the ICESat-2 to orbit on him!

SpaceX is the company that sent the camera to the space station. RED Helium 8K, which was sent under the name of SpaceX’s cargo transport duty , won the title of capturing the first 8K video recorded outside the world .

We are very excited to be using the 8K technology that will allow us to share much more detailed images with the audience following us, “said the statement about the video. This means that we will see much more 8K content on the NASA Youtube channel.

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