LG’s New 8K OLED TVs Price Lip-Glossy!

If you think Samsung’s 8K QLED TVs are expensive, this may be because you don’t know the price of the new 8K OLED TVs yet. The price of 8K OLED TVs is really lip-gloss.

LG’s largest and highest resolution 88-inch OLED88Z9P TV is ready for pre-order at exactly $ 30,000. 8K resolution provides a sharper and clearer image with 4 times more pixels than 4K, but we still have many reasons to stay away from 8K televisions.

One of the reasons is that 8K televisions are too expensive. The cheapest 8K television Samsung 8K QLED costs $ 4,500. Another reason is the lack of content for 8K TVs yet.

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