Lg 2019 Added Hdmı 2.1 and 8k to TV Models

The new LG TVs bring together a new user experience with the combination of the ThinQ AI and the second-generation Alpha 9 processor!

The new LG TVs , the ThinQ AI and the second-generation Alpha 9 processor, bring together a whole new user experience!
The new HDMI standard will be able to offer you basic features even if you don’t buy it in 8K. Even if there are no explanations for the OLED screens, 2 8K model 88 inch Z9 OLED and SM99 8K LCD TV’s on the way. LG CES 2019 will be releasing information about the new LG 2019 TV Models and features. LG’s latest televisions at CES 2019 offer an optimized image and sound in 8K resolution thanks to artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. home entertainment experience is still at the top. The second generation of the company? (Alpha) New model televisions, equipped with 9 processors and deep learning algorithms, offer improved image and sound quality by analyzing the content source to provide user-optimized content.It provides access to popular artificial intelligence services on many platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Users will also enjoy the convenience of controlling smart home devices directly from the television with the intelligent voice recognition function on the TV. LG OLED TV Series
LG’s Z9, W9, E9 and C9 models of the new generation of the new generation of OLED TV 9 processors (developed from a large database of more than a million visual data), deep learning algorithm to improve the image and sound quality, the correct recognition of the content and it provides optimum visual output. LG’s 88-inch 8K resolution Z9 model OLED TV offers sharp, vibrant and realistic 8K image quality thanks to image upgrades and improved noise reduction. The second generation of 9G? By determining how it perceives illumination, it adjusts the tone mapping curve to suit the ambient conditions.
Using the ambient light sensor on the television to measure the light levels, the processor automatically adjusts the brightness when necessary. Powered by a second-generation 9 processor, the 2019 AI TVs can further enhance HDR content to provide incredible contrast, detail and color depth even in the darkest and brightest environments. In addition, LG provides a unique HDR experience with Dolby Vision support by using Dolby Vision’s latest imaging innovations. on a television with an intelligent algorithm capable of mixing two-channel sound; The second generation of 9 processors is optimized for output according to content type, and the sounds in movies, series and newsletters are clarified. Users, it can adjust the sound settings according to room conditions or allow the LG TV to smartly adjust the appropriate levels according to its positioning. LG’s 2019 premium TVs also feature Dolby Atmos support, which provides a 360-degree surround sound experience.Google Assistant support was included in this year’s series to allow users to manage daily tasks, find answers to queries, and control compatible smart home devices. So users can order food from their televisions without leaving the screen or calling on the screen. LG also offers Amazon Alexa support on ThinQ AI-enabled TVs by incorporating Amazon into their collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence .
Users can control the LG’s Magic Controller with motion sensor; Amazon Prime can manage smart home devices by pressing the Video key and giving only voice commands; They are able to ask questions and take advantage of Alexa’s thousands of talents. they will be very easy to check orders from the internet or reserve a room in a hotel. In addition, LG’s ThinQ AI featured on 2019 TVs with intelligent voice recognition feature; it will also be easier for users to get the right answer to the questions they ask. This technology, which also supports the Turkish language, will be available on the LG TVs with the ThinQ AI. The second generation? 9 processor also powers the company’s 2019 flagship, the 75-inch 8K TV (model SM99). LG ‘
All 2019 OLED TVs and ThinQ AI featured NanoCell TVs support the High Frame Rate (HFR), which is a high image rate per second. Thus, the fast action content, such as sports and action films, is improved. Advanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) system; allows home theater fans to use HDMI connectivity seamlessly and enjoy the highest quality audio experience available. New LG TVs are also a great choice for gamers; Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) compatible with Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which helps to ensure a clean image without being plugged in. LG, ThinQ AI featured 2019 model TVs from 8-11 January; Las vegas It will be exhibited at CES 2019 at the congress center, at the booth 11100. LG 2019 TV ModelsLG

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