It is possible to record 8K video in deep water with Hydrus VR camera

8K means 7680×4320 pixels. So in total 33,137,600 pixels! This means we will get impressive images. Underwater imaging can be a more interesting area with the development of cameras. Hydrus VR (Virtual Reality) cameras from Marine Imaging Technologies (MITech) use new ultra-precise Sony sensors and work well in dark areas. In this way, you can get high-quality videos of fishes that live in the sea caves and are difficult to view. It can also contribute to areas such as underwater archeology.

The product is actually a system of ten cameras. The cameras offering new possibilities for those who want to take documentaries up to 300 meters below the surface of the water have a pile capable of shooting for two hours without interruption. However, with an underwater control device, shooting time can be extended to eight hours. Designed to be simple and intuitive, the SLR Magic E-Mount lenses are used. It can also be attached to various robotic vehicles and work without a human.

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