Here is the new processor that LG will use on its TVs!

LG, one of the first brands to come to mind, announced the Alpha 9 processor, which will power ThinQ, the webOS-based TV software on the 2018 models. This processor will enhance the artificial intelligence capabilities of TVs as well as delivering excellent picture quality. The Alpha 9 will power the top TVs LG will introduce at CES 2018.

 Here is the new operator to use on LG televisions

Lg alpha 9 processor

The new Alpha 9 processor has been specially developed for natural artificial intelligence that will come to the microphone integrated with powerful artificial intelligence and TV control. So when you want your television to do anything, all you have to do is give the command. LG’s new TVs are connected to Google Assistant. Here you can control all of your smart home appliances connected to Google Assistant from your TV. Alpha 9, which will offer much more vivid colors, supports 120 fps content which will be released in the future.
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