First 8K TV Will Not Be Cheap

First 8K TV Will Not Be Cheap

Sharp, the world’s first 8K resolution support for the price of the television will announce the sale will explain.

Devices with Ultra HD 4K resolution support are not widely used because of the lack of adequate content. In addition, devices that support this resolution are generally more expensive, which also plays an important role in reducing consumer interest. So it is possible to say that this market is still on the road. Sharp, on the other hand, looked at the 8K market without spreading more than 4K.

Sharp will release the world’s first 8K television with 7680 × 4320 pixel resolution next month. The price of the television is literally lukewarm. Sharp announced the price tag of 16 million JPY, or about $ 133,000. This is equivalent to a figure close to TL 400,000 in Turkish Lira.

The LV-85001 has an 85-inch LCD screen. Sharp says that IGZO technol …

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