CES 2019: 4K technology trash! Long live the new king 8K!

On the side of the resolution, the competition on the smart phones seems to be moving to the TV side. 8K TVs, which have been offering only visual experience for a while, seem to talk more after the CES 2019 event. We will be able to see 8K resolution on all the new generation 65 inch and above televisions that will be introduced under the CES 2019 event.

Get ready for 8K resolution!
Samsung, BOE, AU Optronics, Huaxing Optoelectronics and Group Optoelectronics will make the transition to 65-inch LCD panels this year. LG will be presenting this technology in 2019 OLED TVs. We are not going to CES 2019 but we see that the fair will be very, very mobile. It seems that there will be a great improvement especially on the side of TV and home theater systems.

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