NASA released 8K space video

NASA released 8K space video

NASA released 8K space video, How the astronauts work in the space station and what they did is more clearly shown than ever before.

NASA shared 8K space video on Youtube!
NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) worked together to prepare a video. However, this video is very different from the ones prepared so far. 8K ultra-high-resolution video, the kind of people who leave their mouth open.

The RED brand, known for its professional motion picture cameras , uses the Helium 8K camera to show how astronauts work in the space station. High-end technologies, close-up images of the samples and images of Earth and space are also included in the video.

The Delta II rocket took off for the last time!
The Delta II rocket took off for the last time!
The Delta II rocket took off to destroy the last mission! NASA, who thinks that this old rocket is still in business, sent the ICESat-2 to orbit on him!

SpaceX is the company that sent the camera to the space station. RED Helium 8K, which was sent under the name of SpaceX’s cargo transport duty , won the title of capturing the first 8K video recorded outside the world .

We are very excited to be using the 8K technology that will allow us to share much more detailed images with the audience following us, “said the statement about the video. This means that we will see much more 8K content on the NASA Youtube channel.

8K UHD TV from Sunny!

8K UHD TV from Sunny!

Atmaca Elektronik, which is known by its electronic manufacturer Sunny brand, shared its new solutions and works with the press members

8K UHD TV is coming

The company, which sells and manufactures products such as television, sound systems, satellite systems, mini and household vacuum cleaners, tea machines, kettles, aspirators, freezers, refrigerators, electric water heaters, air-conditioners under the Sunny electronic brand, continues its export opening this year, in 2019 Turkey plans to continue to represent the world.

Atmaca Group of Companies, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atmaca Group of Companies, emphasized that they managed to export to 78 countries with the export attack they initiated last year . In 2019, important steps are waiting for us. We are in the process of establishing an office in Europe. We will have offices in Germany, then in France, Italy and Spain and even in South America.

Hawk, he continued as follows: “We rise to the position of 3rd in the shortest period exports in Turkey under Turquality. 2nd with the difference between us is rapidly shrinking. Our aim in exports, together with our R & D center is also rising. This year we are a part of Brand Support Program We have started a period of exportation in exports.

“We will produce new products with 8K UHD technology”

Atmaca concluded his words as follows: “We started to offer display technologies with HD resolutions up to 4K technologies and introduced OLED screens in this process. soon we will bring the sector. “

CES 2019: 4K technology trash! Long live the new king 8K!

CES 2019: 4K technology trash! Long live the new king 8K!

On the side of the resolution, the competition on the smart phones seems to be moving to the TV side. 8K TVs, which have been offering only visual experience for a while, seem to talk more after the CES 2019 event. We will be able to see 8K resolution on all the new generation 65 inch and above televisions that will be introduced under the CES 2019 event.

Get ready for 8K resolution!
Samsung, BOE, AU Optronics, Huaxing Optoelectronics and Group Optoelectronics will make the transition to 65-inch LCD panels this year. LG will be presenting this technology in 2019 OLED TVs. We are not going to CES 2019 but we see that the fair will be very, very mobile. It seems that there will be a great improvement especially on the side of TV and home theater systems.

IFA 2018: Top 5 New 8K TVs

IFA 2018: Top 5 New 8K TVs

The long-awaited 8K TVs finally appeared. IFA 2018 was the first organization in which the impact of 8K was felt so much. We have listed among the prominent representatives of the 8K TV market which is currently in its infancy.

Samsung Q900R QLED

Samsung had previously conducted 8K tests with some publishers in South Korea. The company introduced the Samsung Q900R QLED TV with five different screen size options at IFA 2018 . The largest Q900R QLED TV with an 88-inch display is what makes Samsung think about the 8K.

Offering a choice of 65, 75, 82 and 85-inch screen sizes, Samsung scales up with the help of artificial intelligence in all of these televisions.

The Samsung Q900R, with a true 8K resolution experience, is able to attract up to 4000 shades with its HDR compatibility. The Q900R QLED TV will be available in this month.

TCL FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Edition 8K QLED TV

Produced with the cooperation of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the Chinese TCL, the television is the key to the 8K market for TCL. The television has also said hello to Europe with IFA 2018.

20 mm. Thick TV has a display with Quantum Dot technology. QLED TV, which offers 1000 nits of brightness, makes local dimming in 832 zones for HDR and Dolby Vision HDR supports. Onkyo speakers with Dolby Atmos can also be used when the television is off.

Sharp AX1 LED

Sharp IFA became the only company in 2018 to bring out the second generation of 8K TVs. Introducing the first 8K TV models in April, Sharp announced the AX1 series in Berlin.

The range will be available in December in Asia and in the rest of the world in 2019, with three models in size 60, 70 and 80 inches. All three models include HDR, HLG, 8K conversion and 8K resolution slide show via USB.

Toshiba 65 inch 8K LED concept TV

Producing the televisions that Toshiba sells on the European market, Vestel exhibited its 65-inch 8K LED concept TV for Toshiba at IFA 2018.

What innovations does Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 bring?
Television with HDR support can scale images up to 8K resolution. Focusing primarily on providing a top-notch experience to monitor sports broadcasts, Vestel is also preparing an 8K TV for Toshiba’s standard viewing experience.

LG 88 inch 8K OLED TV prototype

Like the CES 2018, LG has also demonstrated the 88-inch 8K OLED TV prototype at IFA 2018. The company has also reiterated its goal of achieving superiority in the kurma ultra-premium pazar TV market.

It is not known when LG’s 8K TV will be available. However, the current signs indicate that the TV market is not far away.

8K officially introduced but the price ‘not budget friendly’

8K officially introduced but the price ‘not budget friendly’

The first publication in the world as 8K took place in Japan. Even though there is no 8K TV in the market, the estimated price is above 5 thousand dollars.

The 8K broadcast, which Japan has been in testing for several years, was officially made the day before. NHK, one of the most famous channels in Japan, made the 8K and 4K broadcasts available to the public.

The NHK channel features 8K video and 22.2 audio channels. 8K as a movie-watching channel, film preference ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ has chosen as.

According to the interview of the BBC with Warner Bros., 2001: A Space Odyssey, the original 70mm, was re-scanned for 8K broadcasts.

What’s the price?
8K televisions that have not yet been able to meet the user are still in development. However, the price of Sharp’s 8K Hi-Vision-ready TV was set at $ 6600.

It is expected that 8K TVs, which are expected to become widespread in a few years, will be sold over 5 thousand dollars all over the world. Also, you need to have a private receiver to watch 8K TVs.

The first 8K TV channel started broadcasting in Japan

The first 8K TV channel started broadcasting in Japan

Image: IFA 2018 | Source: CNET

According to local time exactly as planned, at 10 am on 1 December, Japanese TV networks officially started to broadcast 4K and 8K channels via satellite. Despite several years of testing, NHK is currently the only channel with a 22.2-channel sound at 8K resolution . TV in the directory first film situated 2001: A Space Odyssey , while the BBC by published by Warner Bros. reports he only rescanned the original 70mm of the film for this release.

The broadcast, which is still literally in its early days, is not very popular because almost no one has 8K TV. To watch the broadcast 8K TV is not enough, a special receiver is needed. Super Hi-Vision TVs sold by Sharp include a special receiver, but the price starts at $ 6,600. Even if you provide all of this, you need to plug four HDMI cables at the same time to transfer this resolution to the TV, as the HDMI 2.1 standard is not fully implemented. Don’t die, don’t die.

22.2 sound system

8K TV edition, which we expect to accelerate with this move, will be particularly effective in Japan. NHK, which wants to publish the Tokyo Olympics to be held in 2020 in this quality, will see what steps we will take. In addition to broadcasters, TV producers are expected to give full support to this movement.

The world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display

The world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display

Have you seen the world’s largest screen?

Have you seen the world's largest screen?

Mitsubishi Electric, the world’s first large-scale Diamond Vision LED videowall display, was presented to the audience in Los Angeles in 1980 and entered the Guinness Book of Records with the world’s longest videowall display in 2010. Preparing to install HD LED screen.

SOGO Hong Kong Co. to establish a large Diamond Vision display on the exterior of Hong Kong’s biggest shopping center, SOGO Hong Kong. Ltd. , Mitsubishi Electric plans to install the screen on February 1, China National Day. The screen , which will be larger than five tennis courts with 19 meters to 72 meters , stands out with its six vertical images in Full HD (G 1,080 pixels x Y 1,920 pixels).


Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision screen was chosen for its high-contrast and wide-angle viewing capability both vertically and horizontally. This display, which has 50 percent more contrast than the conventional displays currently used by the company, can be easily monitored on the side and in the sunlight. On the Diamond Vision display, which will provide a viewing angle of 80 degrees with a vertical angle compared to standard 45 degree displays, special LED chips with proprietary black packages will be used to reduce brightness when Mitsubishi Electric is turned off and to increase the contrast when turned on. In addition, thanks to the short shades, sunlight will be minimized when the light hits the screen.


SOGO Hong Kong, located in Causeway Bay, one of the most vibrant centers in Hong Kong, has been known as an important retail point of the city since 1985. Shinji Sawada, Store Manager of SOGO Hong Kong, owned by Lifestyle International Holdings Limited, made the following statements on the subject: . This LED display will not only strengthen the position of our shopping center, but will also help Causeway Bay to become a major shopping and entertainment destination in Hong Kong. Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision screens are considered to be one of the best displays in the world.

Mitsubishi Electric has now installed Diamond Vision screens in over 950 locations worldwide, including the Tokyo Dome, New York’s 1535 Broadway in Times Square, and the NRG Stadium in Houston. 

Good news for those coming to YouTube from Android phones!

Good news for those coming to YouTube from Android phones!

With the new update to YouTube’s Android app, all of your videos will now fully fit and your black bars will disappear. The videotapes shot in square and vertical format had black spaces on their sides because they did not fit the standard 16: 9 aspect ratio; Thanks to the new update, this situation is getting out of hand.

Square and vertical video will occupy the largest possible area and use your screen efficiently. All you have to do is touch one of these types of videotapes while you watch one of the “magnify” keys on the bottom right. When you slide down the screen, the video player automatically switches to landscape mode and opens up extra information.

Samsung the wall

Samsung The Wall

Samsung’s first modular microLED TV aims to bring the OLED standard to where it deserves. The 146-inch The Wall is an enormous fascinating display that will rival all the views you’ve seen so far on OLED screens. MicroLED’s potential to change the TV experience is quite large and therefore it was the best of CES 2018 for us.Samsung the wall

Lg alpha 9 processor

Here is the new processor that LG will use on its TVs!

LG, one of the first brands to come to mind, announced the Alpha 9 processor, which will power ThinQ, the webOS-based TV software on the 2018 models. This processor will enhance the artificial intelligence capabilities of TVs as well as delivering excellent picture quality. The Alpha 9 will power the top TVs LG will introduce at CES 2018.

 Here is the new operator to use on LG televisions

Lg alpha 9 processor

The new Alpha 9 processor has been specially developed for natural artificial intelligence that will come to the microphone integrated with powerful artificial intelligence and TV control. So when you want your television to do anything, all you have to do is give the command. LG’s new TVs are connected to Google Assistant. Here you can control all of your smart home appliances connected to Google Assistant from your TV. Alpha 9, which will offer much more vivid colors, supports 120 fps content which will be released in the future.