8K technology will be manufactured in Turkey!

Turkish home electronics company Sunny established with domestic capital participates in global market competition with 8K UHD products developed at R & D center in Esenyurt. Sunny Chairman of the Board of Directors Adem Atmaca, consumer electronics sector and their brands answered questions about.

Atmaca reminded that his father Hayrettin Atmaca came from abroad to install the Walkman at home and reminded him that he entered the electronics sector and said “My family first entered the commercial life as an AEG dealer in Ağrı.” Then, my father started the Walkman from the Far East at the beginning of the 1990’s by bringing a calculator, a process that began with their installation. home family table cloths were doing pillowcase assembly in those days. If the point we have arrived in Turkey home electronics we are the biggest exporter 3 manufacturer. “ she said.

Atmaca said that the Sunny brand invested in the business and moved from Walkman installation to music set installation, and that the company started to produce domestic electronic cards in 2002 years.

Atmaca noted:

“We came in 2005. Currently we are Esenyurt our factory. Here we come to the television now produces 100 native percent cases. Adapting to the world competition in the process, and in order to increase the strength of our brand was serious R & D of our investment. We are in 2017 at the end of Turkey’s 797’nc R & D We now have a R & D center in our own mind and now we are bringing the latest technological idea step by step with our local engineers in the stage of product in the shelf .. I hope we will meet our 8Ktelevisions with consumers in a very short time .

When we look at the first 30-year period at a store selling television today 8K TVs with local engineers we have come to produce the domestic situation in Turkey. “

The imaging technologies have started up with full high definition (HD) resolutions up to 4K technology, reminding us that OLED displays are being marketed in this process.

8K UHD Media Player, 8K UHD Video Wall and 8K UHD TV products to commercial and retail customers are ready to offer Atmaca, said:

“8K most lifelike picture with UAI. With this new technology, we aim to better image to our customers watch. This technology 33 million pixels with 4K technology 4 times the resolution. Almost offers pikselsiz image quality. Sunny 8K UHD new product family, which has 7680×4320 pixel resolution at 65 “and above, with high dynamic range (HDR), 10-bit color depth and 60 frames per second, the viewer will achieve a level of performance that they can not achieve with current display technologies, For those wishing to experience the 22.2-channel audio technology, the viewer will take the experience of the experience a step closer to reality.

These products will come out with a slim and compact design, user-friendly software interface developed by Turkish engineers as well as a realistic image that you can not distinguish even in close-up views. NHK, a Japanese state television channel, is preparing to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with 8K technology, which is a sign that you have not had much time for this technology to enter our homes. For this reason, 100 percent domestic production Sunny 8K UHD television launch is expected by technology enthusiasts.

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