8K Gains Speed with Producers Coming Together

8K TVs will set the standards for the board met. When will 8K TVs become widespread?Honestly, the TV industry is not good at setting standards, no matter how successful they do. As an example, we can probably show the format battles that took place over the last few years. Even now it seems that some of the world’s largest manufacturers do not know which HDR format to support. Fortunately, such problems may not occur on new generation TVs. At least, there are developments that will make us hope. Namely…Well, 8K. In CES 2019 , we witnessed the introduction of new models in the field of television in 8K . Samsung, Panasonic, TCL, Hisense and AUO, which come together with the 8K Association (8K Assosiciation), will emphasize that the standards for the 8K will be set. In this way, 8K TVs will have certain criteria, and manufacturers of televisions will develop TVs based on it.Of course, these developments do not upset the new 4K television. 8K Although there are some models currently appearing at fairs or 8K Association was established, this transition process will not be at lightning speed. It’s a long time. In this sense, your heart will be comfortable, but it will still be the next 8K.

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