8K live broadcasts for the 2020 Olympics

8K live broadcasts for the 2020 Olympics

According to analysts, 4K TVs are slow to complete their lives. 8K televisions will become standard in just 4 years , 2020 .

One of the most important factors is the launch of 8K live broadcasts for the 2020 Olympics , which will be held after 4 years .

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2020 Olympics An Important Opportunity

In the coming years, smart TVs aim to develop HDRfeatures and effectively use this dynamic coloring system.

In the Olympic Games in Japan , it will be possible to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy and encourage people to use 8K.

8K is also a very important limit for technology. Here we are talking about a resolution of 7680 × 4320 . There is no doubt that there will be an image that will really make a difference in the living room!

Türksat launches Ultra HD 8K

Türksat launches Ultra HD 8K

Türksat launches Ultra HD 8K

Ultra HD 8K test broadcasting started on Turksat 4B communication satellite.

According to the statement made by Türksat AŞ, Ultra HD 8K test broadcast was conducted with the cooperation of Türksat, Kızıl Elektronik, Vestel and Socionext. During the works, the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul were taken in Ultra HD 8K format and high definition images were obtained.

The transition to Ultra HD 8K technology, which has 16 times the resolution of HD broadcasting, will enable local companies to present the product in such a way as to compete with the world in the periods when such technologies are becoming widespread. The possible contributions of the national technology manufacturers in the products of this technology will reduce the imports and increase the exports.

On the other hand, within the scope of Global SatShow event to be held in Istanbul Expo Center on 1-3 November, Ultra HD 8K broadcasting technology will be experienced by the visitors at Türksat booth.