Chromecast brings ultra-4K resolution to TV

Chromecast brings ultra-4K resolution to TV

With Google Chromecast Ultra, users will be able to play 4K content on platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Vudu if they have a compatible TV. Google took the first Chromecast to connect to TVs via HDMI connectivity and streamed TVs from mobile devices to the market a few years ago, and it has achieved great sales success to date. But the day was no longer the day of 4K and HDR, and Google was unthinkable about these developments.

sharp 8k tv

8K resolution TVs are on the way to Europe!

Sharp Corporation has announced that it will bring 8K to Europe while people are just getting used to the 4K idea. The company even claimed that it would offer these products until March 2018.

At IFA 2017 event, Sharp introduced the new 8K TVs and screens known as the AQUOS Series. These series will be on the market between November and February in China, Japan and Taiwan and will arrive in Europe in March.

70-inch 8K displays are known to have 4 HDMI inputs. One of these links will be special to 8K, while others will have 4K and 2K support and upscale to 8K resolution.

The 8K resolution is really impressive. The videotapes shown in the furrows ranged from slow-opening flowers to Animal Planet-inspired shots, all of which seemed incredibly realistic with impressive depth of color and sharp details.

Sharp has been showing off the industry in Japan with 8K displays, but with the IFA 2017, it is showing that the technology is stable around the world.